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How to import data and present multiple lable text without overwriting each other?

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I want to create a Network diagram from a .xls file. In this file I have a table of edges with three properties: switch A port, switch B port, and throughput. I want to create a Properties Mapper that automatically use the info in that table and create a link (edge) between nodes with on in formation close to node A, the second one close to node B, and the third in the middle of the line. Can I do that using just Properties Mapper? (without grabbing the text and moving manually after importing)
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No, properties mapper cannot be used to create edges (or nodes). Properties mapper can be used to create labels for nodes or edges (up to a certain number) and change the properties of nodes and edges.

The way to go would be to structure your spreadsheet in such a way that yEd's Excel import creates all nodes and edges.
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