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svg import of Azure Dynamics icons fails with error

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yEd version 3.21.1 on Linux Mint 20.2 with OpenJDK
Java Version: 15.0.2

I have had fun importing Cisco and Azure general icon svg files and all's well, but when I try to import the Dynamics icons, I get the error message:

The attribute "offset" of the element <stop> is required

These files open OK in Inkscape and other vector editors and I have even tried opening the files and saving them again in the same format but with a different name.

You'll find the icons here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/get-started/icons
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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the third-party library that is used for displaying SVG documents in yEd does not support gradient <stop> elements without an offset attribute (see also the corresponding defect report).

For now, the only workaround is to fix the SVG documents you want to import by adding an offset="0" attribute to <stop> elements that do not already have an offset attribute.

by [yWorks] (159k points)
Thanks for checking. I have found two incompatibilities in the svg files:

1. The missing offset parameter

2. The feBlend mode "hard-light" is not supported

I have written a bash script to fix these issues on one or more .svg files and so far it has worked. I will continue to import MS .svg files and see whether anything else needs fixing!

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