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can't run yEd 3.21.1 on linux

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I'm running Linux, Fedora 34, 64 bit.

I've tried installing yEd 3.21.1 two different ways, and once installed it will not run.

If I download the .jar file and try java -verbose -jar yed.jar, it shows a long list of classes that are loaded, and then exits cleanly, no GUI, no error messages.  If I use the sh-based installer and try to run the yed script it puts in ~/yEd, it exits cleanly with no error messages and no GUI.

Luckily, I can run yEd 3.20.1 just fine. I downloaded the .jar file, and from there I can run java -jar yed.jar, and everything works.

What's wrong with 3.21.1 and how do I fix it?
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1 Answer

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This is the first time, this problem is reported. Moreover, this is not a general problem - on our Ubuntu Linux and Kubuntu Linux test systems, I can install and run yEd 3.21.1 from the shell script with bundled JRE as well as run the yEd jar from command line with a global JRE just fine.

The only thing to try I can think of, is (temporarily) removing your yEd profile directory. I.e. since you are on Linux and you were already using yEd 3.20.1, there is a .yEd directory in your user home directory. Rename the .yEd directory to something else and try running yEd 3.21.1 once more.

May I ask which exact version of Java you are using when you try to run yEd with java -jar yed.jar?

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