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BPMN Layout included in the graphml file?

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Hey everybody,

just working with some sql database, a server and yed. The main aim is to build a BPMN business process which is saved in the database every object of the process itself. What I try to do is to build a graphml file out of the database using just a php script. It fetches the objects and adds the particular snippet to the file.

The file is working, i can load it in Yed and alle objects are shown.

To come to my problem. The structure of the loaded file is very mixed up. By selecting Layout--> BPMN i can fix this and after this it looks just like i want it. Now i would like to know if there is like a command or something else which i could put right in the graphml file to start this autolayout just when i load the file?

Thanks to everybody in advance
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There is no such command or command line setting since the license forbids the usage of yEd as part of an automatic process.

That means, it is perfectly fine to automatically create the input file but you have to manually start yEd and press the button for the layout command by yourself. After saving the result, or exporting it to an image, you are free to continue the automated work flow.
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