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How to force node inclusion in swimlan?

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Please find attached a swimlane graph which has been generated: SW-node-fly.graphml.

And, an other graph SW-node-nofly.graphml which has been created by hand.

The thing is that, in the first graph, nodes can be move out the swimlane table while in the second graph, they still encompass inside the swimlane.


I am wondering if there is any option that I could activate in the layouter or maybe a properties to set in the piece of code I have used to generate the first graph?


Thanks in advance for sharing your mind, 





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The line

<y:State autoResize="false" closed="false" closedHeight="80.0" closedWidth="100.0"/>

in SW-node-fly.graphm (l.73) explicitly turns off resizing (more specifically the autoResize="false" part). If you change that line to

<y:State autoResize="true" closed="false" closedHeight="80.0" closedWidth="100.0"/>

the swimlane node will automatically grow to always encompass its child nodes when these are moved around.

Since it is not possible to create group/swimlane/table/pool nodes that do not automaticaly resize in yEd, there is also no way to turn on that feature in yEd (because we assume that auto-resizing is always on).

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Thank you Thomas.
Is there a way to configure this option from yED?
No. This is what I was trying to explain in the last paragraph of my answer.
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