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Remember storage path of each open graph

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It would be very useful if yEd remembered the last storage path of each open graph (several tabs). Otherwise it is often necessary to select manually the last storage location of each graph again.

At the moment yEd only stores the last used path independant of the current opened graph. E.g. if two graphs are opened with yED (graph1, graph2), yEd does not  remember the two different storage locations of the two graphs (e.g. c:\temp1 for graph1 and c:\temp2 for graph2))
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1 Answer

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Which version to you use? For me (Windows XP, yEd 3.8 and older) I can see and use the paths in the file-list and as tool-tip in the tabs.
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I use the latest yEd version 3.8 (on Win XP).
The file name in the file list and as tool-tip do not help because I need the correct path for SAVING an yED file not for LOADING it.
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