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UML class without fill color but with line color

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I try to change the style of the standard UML elements. I want a simple class digram without fill color and solid (black) line color. However the line color of the class diagram is not considered. Independent on what color or style I choose there is no line displayed at all. What am I doing wrong (yed version 3.10)

Thanks for the great product

- beradenga
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1 Answer

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The line color property is used for the separator lines of the node's three compartments:

To make the separators appear, you need to enter either some attributes or some methods (or both). yEd does not check whether or not the data entered as attributes/methods makes sense, so it is possible to enter a blank/space to achieve the desired effect.

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Hello Thomas,

thanks for the quick reply. Actually I was not asking about the separator lines, but about the outer border line of the box. Is there a way to have an outer border line for UML classes - same as for use cases when I set the fill color to "no color"?

Unfortunately, the UML node style does not support a colored border. The line color applies to the separators only. If you need a border, you will have to fallback to a rectangular node from the "Shape Nodes" palette section.
You simply need to deactivate the 3D Effects in the properties. Then you'll see a border.
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