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what is the keyboard shortcut for adding a node?

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Currently, there are two ways adding a node, clicking on the canvas, or dragging one from the palette. 

But, they both involve a mouse action. When doing a brainstorm, dozens or hundreds of nodes need to be added, making those operations less effective. 

I'd like to use the keyboard instead. 

  • Is there a keyboard shortcut for this function? 
  • And where can I find this function in the menu? 
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1 Answer

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You can use the Duplicate or Add Child commands in the Edit menu to achieve this. On a Mac the keyboard shortcuts are Command-D and Command-K respectively. I imagine they are Control-D and Control-K on a PC.

It is easiest to use the mouse for the first node, but you can use the keyboard for subsequent nodes. It is important that the Edit Label on Create Node preference is enabled before you start.

To create unconnected nodes make sure that the initial node is unconnected. Select it. Duplicate will create a copy. Type the new node name then press Enter. Your new node is still selected so you can use Duplicate again for subsequent nodes.

There are two different ways to create connected nodes depending on what you want to achieve. First create a connected node and select it.

Duplicate copies both the node and attached edges. With only one incoming edge repeated Duplicate commands will place your nodes in a star arrangement all with the same parent. That may be useful for editing a mind-map.

Add Child copies the node but creates a new edge joining the two nodes. Repeated Add Child commands will place your nodes as a chain leading away from the initial node.

If you have very many nodes to add I recommend typing them into an Excel document instead then importing that.
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