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yEd freezes and flickers on macOS 11.2.3

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Hi there. I have a problem with yEd 3.21.1. Everytime when I want to add a palette the menu which pops up flickers and yEd doesn't respond anymore and freezes. I can't click on any button and have to kill the app. I am on macOS 11.2.3 with JDK 15.0.2.
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I am afraid this is a shortcoming of macOS Big Sur which breaks all kinds of things in Java applications that worked quite well in macOS Catalina. Oracle already announced macOS related improvements for Java 17 which is scheduled for Q3/2021.

Other users have reported similar issues and some of them were able to prevent freezes using one of the two approaches below:

  • Open a terminal and run the command
      defaults write com.yworks.yEd "AppleWindowTabbingMode" manual
  • Slightly reduce the size of yEd's main window (all that matters is that the yEd main window is not maximized) before opening any dialogs or menus.
by [yWorks] (150k points)
I just ran the command and finally it works how it should work. Thank you very much! :)
It works !

Thanks a lot.
The terminal command worked for me too.
The "not maximized" did not work.

Bummer about Big Sur breaking stuff.  I went back and restored an older yEd version thinking maybe it was version related.  Yup, version related, but OS version related.
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