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Failed to load file

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Dear Sirs,

I've started using yEd now for a bit of time. Getting our newly designed system in graph. Must say you did a good job at it!

This morning I had a bit of a scare! The file (original and backup of last friday) didn't open and yEd gave a "could not open file". The details gave a line number of the file that was corrupted. Because of the nature of the project I'm not allowed to send you the file, but the line that issues the error was as follows:


4.0"/> <- This line caused the crash



When I removed all information below the </graphml> (which seems to be the end of the graph) the file opens normally and without any loss of information IYAM. So could you have a bug in your program when a large diagram is redesigned into something smaller that "old" data in the file is not deleted, but only overwritten causing the file to be corrupted?

With highest regards,

Jeroen de Pagter, Ginaf
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You are correct, </graphml> is the closing element of a .graphml file. Normally, there shouldn't be anything after this closing element in a file.

That said, we are not aware of a bug that would result in what seems to be left-over content from an earlier revision of the file.
Are you using yEd in a networked environment, where maybe file caching mechanisms on the way to a file server could have an effect?

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Hmm, it might be caused by our network indeed! I didn't notice this problem on my stand-alone PC.
I'll keep it in mind when using network files.
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