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Can I define the scope of custom properties to nodes

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I want to create a number of graphs from excel edge lists. I want to color-code my nodes with a custom property and the properties manager. However, all my custom columns are mapped to the edge and I cannot define properties to the nodes. The manuals says "The scope of a property cannot be changed after its creation since all element values would be lost." So my question is: How do I define the scope of a property during creation.

I have created an example for the excel import

NodeNode ColorNeighborsEdge Label
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You need to use both a node list and an edge list. E.g. for your example, create an additional row for 'A', 'B', 'C', and 'D' each and add columns for each property you need, i.e. one for the node ID and one for the node color. The node ID values have to be exact matches for the source and target ID values you use in your edge list.
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