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How do I colorize my graph like the demo one?

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I am trying to colorize my graph like this demo graph.

Somehow I cannot make it happen.

Two things I fail at:

1. Leave the edges uncolored (I want them to stay black).

2. Make the nodes have a gradient (Mine are always solid coloredI

I just realized that those nodes in the demo graph are solid colored as well.

Thanks you!

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1 Answer

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First of all, make sure at least one node is selected in your diagram. The color gradient will start at this node.

Use "Tools" -> "Colorize Graph", on tab "General" choose "Graph Distance" as "Highlight Feature", on tab "Graph Distance" disable "Rainbow Interpolation", use "#ffc4c4" as "Start Color", "#c4c4ff" as "End Color", and "200" as "Maximal Distance".

Note, this will only result in a top-down color gradient if your graph is arranged using "Layout" -> "Hierarchical" or "Layout" -> "Tree" with "Orientation" set to "Top to Bottom".
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First of all, thank you for your quick reply.

Sadly I still fail. I do everything as you say, but nothing happens.
I tried it several times.

For example, I do the following steps:
1. start yed-3.10.jar
2. click on open sample document
3. wait for the graph to be arranged hierarchically
4. run "colorize graph" with the parameters from your post, but use yellow and red instead of those two colors
5. click on ok

--> nothing happens :(

I am using yed-3.10 (the jar version) on ubuntu 12.10
I am sorry, I mixed up two approaches.

To make graph distance colorizing work, you need to select at least one node (the start node for the distance calculation). The selected nodes will be colored in the start color. I edited my original answer accordingly.
YES! This works!
Thank you for your help and this great product.

My Master Thesis shines because of it. :)
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