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Is there any trick to make the edges visible in the SVG format?

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I have made some svg diagrams with yEd and exported them to svg-files. I use them in a mediawiki. When I look at the image on the mediawiki page the edges are not visible. When I click the image (png-mirror-image I suppose it is) then the true smg-image opens and then all edges are seen. Is there any trick to make the edges visible in the svg-format?


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3 Answers

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If the exported SVG file contains all edges, then there is obviously nothing wrong with the SVG file export of yEd, wouldn't you agree?

This sounds more like a problem of the mediawiki. Apparently, the mediawiki generates a scaled image of the SVG content and the algorithm that does this loses the fine details due to rounding imprecisions.
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I have tested to open the file in Firefox, Safari and Chrome - with the same result - the edges are not seen. I opened the dvg-file in Inkspace and saved it - the edges still is not seen in the image made by the wiki from the svg-image.

Then I tested the same thing in Omnigraffle - draw the image and the edges and the links  and exported it as svg-format.

And the Omnigraffle-svg made svg picture your can directly see in the mediawiki page. I would like to work with yEd.

Is there any trick to make the edges seen with yEd?


If the mediawiki really creates a broken image from the SVG content that lacks the edges, it won't make any differences if you view this broken image in different browsers, of course...

The experiment with the SVG file produced by OmniGraffle is of course interesting. When you say that you "can directly see it in the mediawiki", then maybe this SVG file already contains an embedded image?

Can you upload examples of SVG files that you have produced with OmniGraffle and yEd that show the differences?
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Fixed it myself - you have to chose a specifik color on the edges - then it works.


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