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I do not want to open the SVG file in Firefox in a new window - how do I fix this?

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I have just found the software yEd - looks very good.

I need a software to make svg-format files to put on the web in a mediawiki.

I see that I can do this nicely with yEd. My problem is this:

I open the svg-file with Firefox and want to go back in Firefox - not that the svg-file opens into a new window in Firefox. I have not found ot how this is done - Is there a button somewhere to fix this - or can I not do this with an yEd file?

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This behavior is determined by the link that opens the SVG file. If the link contains something like target="_blank", then the SVG file is opened in a new window.
This has nothing to do with yEd or how yEd exports the SVG.

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Found out that there actually is a button in the yEd program. When you export "as svg" in the yEd program you can click to decide if you want or not want to open the file in a new window.
OK, I see. So your question was actually about pages linked from the SVG file that were opening in a new window, not the SVG file itself.
Yes. Thanks for your answer!!

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