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How to pass line number in File url

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Dear yEd,

I would like that my files are opened not at the beginning but at a specific line number.

Many applications support this natively:

My IDE supports filename:linenumber when opening files.

Git supports the appendix #L123 to open the file at line number 123.

Neither `:` nor `#L` seem to be understood / passed on  by yEd to the opening application.

Also in the documentation, I am unable to find how to add line numbers to the file URL such that it is understood by yEd.

I can't believe this feature is missing, so please inform me how to add line numbers to file urls.


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1 Answer

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yEd supports only a very limited number of URL protocols (those supported by the Java platform natively). So, if you are trying to use yEd's "Go to URL" action to open files in a specific application by specifying an application-specific protocol, that will not work.

Aside from that, yEd supports URL fragments only for absolute URLs. ':' characters in URL paths are supported fine, though.
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