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BPMN vertical edge swimlane routing

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Using BPMN, you often have an edge pointing at a pool instead of a particular node inside a pool.  Although BPMN is normally left-to-right, we want to use top-to-bottom for display on a webpage.  When BPMN layout is used with top-to-bottom selected, edges that point at a pool all get routed to the top or the bottom of the pool, instead of just horizontally to the nearest section of the pool like they would be in left-to-right layout.

Is this a bug?  Am I doing something wrong?
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1 Answer

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"Top-to-bottom" means edges will usually leave nodes at their bottom border and enter nodes at their top border. So, the result you are seeing is the expected behavior for the algorithm.
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When laying out left-to-right it is normally fine with up-down connections.  When laying out top-to-bottom it should be fine with left-right connections in the same way.  Here are some screenshots to illustrate:

Top-to-bottom: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10hiM0UCGPgbEoogaWVJEmia5Lig6_XsK/view?usp=sharing

Left-to-right: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M85z6tE1CnPb7lfHVnIq58OkNm7b5Eav/view?usp=sharing
Thank you for the additional information.

So, the problem is not with all edges or even edges that point in flow direction but with message edges that are orthogonal to flow direction.

We will investigate the algorithms behavior in this case.
Thanks for helping me clarify!
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