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Import of Edge Properties from Excel

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Can i import properties for edges from the excel while importing excel as "Adjacency matrix"? I am using Yed to create a graph for electrical system with node of system are connected via Cable/waveguide. i have to estimate mass of different path for analysis?
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If you use an "Adjacency Matrix" representation, you can have exactly one edge property. For this to work, do not fill the matrix cells with zeros and ones, but leave cells that do not represent an edge blank and fill cells that should result in an edge with the desired property value.

See e.g. the corresponding sample matrix

from the yEd manual.

If you need more than one edge property, you will have to use an edge list representation.

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Thanks for reply. i somehow find a way to define multiple properties for the edges using "custom properties". Now a new issue is that even though the custom properties entered for edges are shown as <data key> in header section, they (custom proerties & specific data) are not getting assigned to   edge elements in graphml (open in crome/text).
If you define "custom properties" through "Edit" -> "Manage Custom Properties", you will have to set the corresponding properties manually for each edge (either in the Properties dialog or in the properties view in yEd's lower right corner).

If you want to import multiple custom properties for edges from Excel, then you will have to use an edge list representation as I already mentioned in my answer above.
Thanks..it works
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