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protect or exportz file so that it can be used (group nodes, data links) but not changed?

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Is it possible to save my complex diagrams protected?

I want to provide my flow charts to employees so they can use it for better process understanding...

I think it would be better, if these files could be changed only by me or head of department.

If it is not possible to do it by protection of the files-do you know another solution for this problem?

Thank you in advance!
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Unfortunately, it is not possible to restrict modification of GraphML files.

If you want to provide a read-only diagram to someone, you will have to export your diagram as an image (PNG, JPG, ...), vector graphics document (SVG), or a PDF document and share the exported image/document instead of the original GraphML file.
Of course, images and SVG/PDF documents can be modified as well with the right tools - just not in yEd.

Another option would be to host your files on a file share where you and your department lead have read and write permissions but everyone else has read permission only. This way other employees can only modify local copies, but not the original files.
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