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Quckly hide (and show again) by means other than changing color

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I found https://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/7109/is-there-a-way-to-hide-elements-temporarily to hide elements temporarily. While this works, it is very restrictive and time consuming to set up if you want to hide/show especially if you have multiple different nodes. Another problem is that the hiding is done by overwriting colors of the element in question. This means that you need a new rule (and way to differentiate) if elements have different colors.

For example if you want to hide all blue and green squares, you would need a property to identify them as square and as blue/green and a rule to hide blue squares, And then you need a rule to make blue squares white, one to make green squares white, one to make formerly blue squares blue again and one to to make the formerly green squares green again.

It would be much more convenient to have a display property to toggle whether a node or edge is shown based on one property. For example give a few elements the group 1 property and all others the group 2 property, and then all in group 1 could be hidden by setting the display property to false, without modifying the appearance of the elements. Making them reappear would be done by setting the display property and you wouldn't need to set the color properties for each and every element.

If such a feature already exist please point me in the right direction. Grouping unfortunately does not work because multiple elements would be in more than one group and should be shown if at least one group they are part of is not hidden. Additionally AFAICT the group containers cannot be completely invisible

Thanks in advance and best regards
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I would like to be able to hide groups or items also.  My use case is to export portions of the the diagram.  As there is no option to export only selected items (visible only).
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While there is no option to export only selected elements, it is possible to export only visible elements. To do that change option "Region" from "Complete Diagram" to "Visible Region" on tab "Clipping" in the export settings.
An export selected objects would be better here as if someone wanted to move a part of the diagram away so that it's not in the view for exporting with the current method, and if there were edges between the two sections then they would appear as truncated edged going off the edge of the exported image.
Just copy the selected nodes and paste them into new editor tab if you want to export only selected elements.
The problem with this approach is that any custom attributes are not copied across.
  1. My comment was in responsive to exporting parts of a diagram. Custom properties are not taken into account when exporting, so I do not see how not copying custom properties is a problem.
  2. Values of custom properties are actually copied if the properties in question exist in the document into which the elements are pasted.
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