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Some labels' text part-obscured and one symbol will not enlarge or move.

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This problem is with a fully up to date yEd running on Windows 10 (also up to date). I'm probably doing something really simple but stupid but I'm damned if I can see what!

I have a diagram of a flow chart. The main and only important objects are Flowchart decision symbols. My diagram uses 10 of them.  I have just one that I enlarged (154 x 112) compared to 9 others that are all of the same slightly smaller size (100 x 86). All the smaller ones, behaves differently to all the large one, sharing the etxt problem described below. 1 of the smaller symbols uniquely refuses to resize!

In more detail: the large one works perfectly; the symbol resizes and the text displays perfectly, including HTML (for bold, break and wrap). All the decision symbols that matter (the large one and the misbehaving small ones) have Label properties of:
Placement Model: Smart Free
Placement Position: Anywhere
Size: Fit Content
Configuration: Standard
Alignment: Left

The smaller Decision symbols include 2 different forms, though I do not recall creating 2 versions. 1 resizes perfectly, exactly like the larger symbol and the text label seems tied to the size of the object. But another form appears to consist of just one Decision shape that has what resembles a superimposed text area (as if it was a separate text box not linked to the Decision symbol). If I double click the symbol, the text appears for edit. If I right click on the symbol and select properties, the text is visible for edit.  If I click just once on the object so that I can move it, the Decision symbol does not move but the text area does (normally, I have to cdouble-click to reveal the text, click once beside the text but in the white box, and then I can move the text). If I try to enlarge the Decision symbol using any of  the 8 dots, ONLY THE TEXT AREA enlarges and the symbol itself stays locked at the same size (no other Decision symbol behaves this way). Nothing I do unlocks the fixed-size of the symbol. I cannot MOVE that symbol, just the text area. Why?

There is a worse issue. 3 decision symbols, including the locked-size one, have a text area containing 4 text lines controlled using HTML. In ll 3 Decision symbols, the second line of text contains 2 words, separated by a space and ending in a space, totalling 14 characters. The last letter of line two is a  lower case "y" (preceding a space). A y consists of a v with an extension below. In my text, the right hand part of the y's v is OBSCURED (as if something is covering it or it is outside of the display area). Removing or retaining a space after the y, nothing changes.  If I add multiple spaces after the y, nothing changes. If I add one space and then any other non-space character, the y is no longer partly obscured but the added character is!
I can use a workaround by inserting a full stop (period mark) after a space; the full stop doesn't show. Resizing the Decision symbol
DOESN'T RESOLVE THE PROBLEM. But why is this happening to the y character (and if I replace y with another character, the same problem occurs unless it is a short character such as "i") and what is the cure (not a work around - I can work that out)? Is it a bug or is it my fault? And how has the Decision symbol's shape become size-locked and how do I unlock it?

Thanks for help with this. If Tech Support reads this and needs to see the problem, I need an email address to send the yEd document to (if Tech Support send the email address to my email.)

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I have sent an email to you, requesting the diagram in question for further investigation.

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