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In the worklow I would like to add hyperlinks to related work instructions

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In our department we make use of een quality system where you can find all protocols how to work.
With Y'ed Graph I completed a workflow for my department.

Now I would like to integrate these two together.
I would like to add several hyperlinks in a seperate 'text box' in the flow. A new employe can see the flow and directly click on the hyperlink to read the instructions in the protocol.
(The flow will be presented on our intrenal network of our department)

In that way you have a intuitive overview of the department flow and the actual protocols.

I hope I explained my quastion good enough?
I hope to hear that it is possible to past hyperlinks in a text box in Y'ed Graph? If so, I would like te hear, how to accomplish that?

With kind regards,
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1 Answer

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You can try the following approach:

  1. Create one node for each hyperlink.
  2. Click each node in turn to select it.
  3. Specify the URL of your hyperlink in the selected node's URL property.
  4. Export your diagram to SVG with "Export URL" on tab "Links and Descriptions" of SVG Export settings enabled.
By the way, the application is called yEd not Y'ed.
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