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how to reduce edge crossovers

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I am creating a family tree.

As the tree has grown I have noticed that the number of edge cross has increased but many of them are entirely obviously unnecessary simply be reversing the order of the predecessors or successors.

In layout I have selected "do not sort" but I have also tried force male or female which tends to solve some of the cross overs but creates others.

I can manually manipulate the node positions but it is tedious and not remembered each if I change the data in a node and reload the tree without changing the number of nodes.

Is there a way to have the program put more attention to reduce the conflicts in the layout.

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Can you upload a sample tree in GraphML format that exhibits the problem? (Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for information on uploading files here.) Otherwise it is impossible for us to investigate the issue and provide advice.

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