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How to resize multiple elments in one action

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I wonder if it's possible to resize muliple elements selected like when I do it with the mouse for one. I have a diagram but not the good size for A4 and it could help to resize all this to fite an A4 format then I could see if my labels' size are ok etc...
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Yes, it is possible to resize multiple selected nodes at once. (Simply drag a resize handle of one of the selected nodes to resize them all.)
by [yWorks] (136k points)
thanks, I already try that but it doesn't work on line between the elements so I have do make again, and it doesn't make my original diagram to fit a A4 format.

I am sorry, but I do not understand what you mean by "it doesn't work on line between the elements". Can you explain in more detail what you are doing, what the expected result is, and what the actual result is?

Maybe you could add illustrations of the actual result and mocked illustrations of the expected result? Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for information on uploading files such diagrams and pictures.

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