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SVG flip and rotate

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Can you add following features to items im palette, in the propeties window:

- rotate (free rotation would be very nice)
- verticaly flip
- horizontaly flip

Thanks a lot.
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1 Answer

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I can't do it with yEd (yet), but you can do it with this free, brouwser based, tool:


You upload your original svg file, select it and specify the desired angle of rotation. Then you safe the result under an orther name (in order not to lose the original. 

I hope it helps you a bit.

Thanks anon, that link was very helpful.
Not sure why these options were not included originally, or have not been patched yet.
Mostly chose yEd because of it's GUI and some decent reviews I read, but as it's lacking such basic features I am questioning whether to use this application or not for my flowcharts.
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