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How to map Group names to Group node labels but not to normal nodes

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Thanks for a great product!

When importing from an excel spreadsheet, I am automatically labelling my nodes using Node Id's within property mapper but I cannot find how to map my imported Groups names to the group node labels.

I have tried adding Group -> Label Text - Automatic but this overwrites all node labels with the group they belong to.

Is there a way to map group names to ONLY Group Nodes?

I have a systems map organised by department, so it shows all systems being used by a department contained within a group node which I want to be named using the custom group field that has been imported along with the node id's.

The import works fine along with most of the mapping and I have a nice diagram with all systems within groups nodes for each department but I have to manually label the group node labels every time I recreate the diagram :-(

Thank you.
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1 Answer

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Well, if there is a column in your spreadsheet that specifies the name for normal nodes as well as group nodes, you should be able to import the appropriate label texts right away. E.g. see the answer to Import Excel: Group Name not importing correctly for an example.

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