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Connection strengthen measure

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Hi experts

My research involves 3 social networks. may I know if there's a measure of connection strengthen for a single social network, or a kind of measure to tell the connection feature ? The result is a percentage or some number.

Many thanks for any help

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Yed provides meansure of "closeness", "graph centrality" and "betweennss" of a single node. If I want to have the average of "closeness" for all nodes, say 500 nodes, so how can I process this calculation ?

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It's not possible in yEd do to calculations with the values computed by the centrality measures.

For analyzing Social Networks, you might want to have a look at the free visone software which is specialized on this task: http://visone.info. Last time I checked, it was possible to load graphs from yEd in visone (as GraphML). You'll lose graphical information like node color etc. but the general graph structure will be there, so all centrality measures will work correctly.
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