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Custom properties not "following" a subgraph?

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Is it the intended behaviour for nodes and edges to lose their custom properties when they get copied to another yed "document" that would not have any properties setup?

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Well, yes. If you want property values to be copied, you will have to create the corresponding properties in the target document first.
E.g. suppose your source document has two text node properties, let us say 'firstName' and 'lastName'. Suppose further, you want to copy 'lastName' values to your target document. You will thus have to create a corresponding 'lastName' text node property in the target document. Copying a node from source to target will then copy the value for 'lastName' but not 'firstName'.
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Hello. Thank you, for such a quick response. This of course works. Perhaps it would be nice if a warning was given when a property matches by name but not by type (?). The current behaviour is to ignore the mismatches.

Similarly, I wonder if it would be possible to simply attempt to copy the custom properties across to the new docment and warn on colissions.

The use case is as follows: I have a small number of networks, each with a set of properties. Some of those may be shared across networks. It is perfectly sensible to copy them all in one document and fill in the gaps manually to run a test. But if you first have to find the set of properties across all networks, define them as custom-properties and then copy each network across, it becomes much more practical to write the whole thing as a script. Maybe yEd could offer this shortcut.
I have filed a request for improvement. Cannot promise if we will implement it, though.
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