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Yed new install windows font for "Overview", "Neighborhood", "Pallette", etc are so big

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I just installed YED in windows 10 ( I have used it in other computers and now looks different). The font for the Pallete, Properties, Structure View, etc. have a gigantic font. That is not possible to read sometimes. For example, the Properties dockable windows overlaps on top of the others.

It is different from other installations. It is unusable
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Which version exactly did you install? Which installer file did you use for installation?
I used this link to download: https://www.yworks.com/products/yed/download#download and the version is 3.20.  The file downloaded was: yEd-3.20_with-JRE13_64-bit_setup.exe

This morning I started my laptop again, and everything was ok.  I have no more big fonts.  I noticed another software had average size font as well after a fresh start this morning.  The software was T-Clock.  It gives more options to the current clock display in the low right corner.  
My old work laptop crashed, and I had to install all the software on another computer, maybe one installation affected the rest.  After the shutdown and restart this morning, everything went back to normal.
Thanks for your attention.

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