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Recent document doesn't work properly.

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I had installed yEd 3.9.2. After uninstalling, i installed latest version and tried to launch it. In splash screen i chose recent document and got error:

yEd has encountered the following error: Could not import file cyclo_consfunc.graphml.
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Thank you for this error report.

The open recent document command in the splash screen works for me. Typically, this error message simply indicates that the file is no longer in the folder to which is was saved. Have you renamed or deleted the file? Please note that yEd does not keep track of such file operations.

The recent document command in the splash screen opens the file that is the most current in the "Recent Documents" list of the "File" menu. Please check if the file is still at the location it was saved to (the tooltip of each menu entry shows the full file location), and if so, please let me know if other items of the Recent Documents still work or if they are all broken.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
Yes, file was moved to another folder, but I think that program shouldn't show error screen and should handle this situation. Do you know any program which will show error but not notification window in situation when some files were moved or deleted?
IMHO most programs show an error dialog in this situation, for example MS Office and LibreOffice. Of course, it would be nice to show a more specific description of the problem in the dialog instead of the generic one. This is already on our list of possible future improvements but since it's more a convenience feature than a serious error, it hasn't very high priority.
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