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remove recent document if file does not exist

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Hi there !

Look at this scenario:

I'm using a file X, later I close it.

I move file X to another folder from the operating system.

At yED, I go to "recent documents" I click on X, it gives me an error, of course, I moved file X to anoher folder. It gives me two options: click OK (ignores) or close yED. I click OK, I use "open" to find file X  in the new location and I go on working.

The thing is that I have under "recent documents" menu two documents X witth different paths, and It cofuses the user, I am only interested in the new location of X, in fact, I move it on purpose.

I sugest the following behaviour:

When the application captures "FileNotFoundException" under recent documents, give me the option to remove the file name from the list of recent documents. So if I moved the file on purpose I choose it because I am not interested  in the old location any more, The other option is not asking and remove it automatically fist time file is not found, but I think I prefer if you ask me.

I hope you get my point.

thanks, keep on improving it !!

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