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Properties mapper that uses multiple conditions

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I have a number of custom properties assigned to my edges.  i want a dotted AND red line (two formattings) to be applied ONLY when a specific combination of properties is selected. Say for example when both properties are true I want the line to be formatted dotted AND red.  But if only one or the other property is true then it remains black.
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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to create property mapper mappings that take two custom properties as input.

However, you do not need to use property mapper at all for this use case.
Instead, use "Tools" -> "Select Element" to select all edges where property 1 is true. Then run "Select Elements" once more with "Act On Current Selection Only" enabled and select all edges where property 2 is true.
After that simply adjust line color and line type for the selected edges through yEd's properties view.
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Thanks for the workaround but I was hoping the properties mapper might have this functionality.
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