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yEd misinterprets decimal numbers from Excel at import

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Dear yEd-Team,

I tried to open an Excel file, that looks like follows:

column SOURCE: text
column TARGET: text
column VALUE1: decimal numbers
column VALUE2: integer numbers
column VALUE3: text

Everything works fine, the graph looks fine and I can use the different value-columns as edge labels. Bu when I used VALUE1 I discovered, that yEd misinterprets the decimal numbers. yEd cuts off the decimal part and treats it as 0. For example 20.8 is converted to 20.0, and 0.195 is converted to 0.0.

Can you help me with this issue?

To your information: In the import dialogue window where the imported data is selected, everything look fine (20.8, 0.195, ...)

I tried to change the decimal separator from comma (,) (my German regional setting) to point (.) in Excel (Excel-options) and Windows (control panel): no difference

I tried xls and xlsx: no difference

I work with yEd 3.9.2 (latest version AFAIK), Excel 2007 and Windows XP.


best regards,

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