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No automatic closing of tooltips please ...

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A very cool feature for presenting your graph/diagram is the ability to put a long text in a nodes 'data' field.

That way you can have a less cluttered diagram, and simply mouseover interesting nodes and get the text in a readable size.

However: The not-so-cool thing is that the tooltip auto-closes after a few seconds, making it impossible to read a semi-long explanation without constantly having to re-mouseover and finding your place in the text again.

I propose that the time limit is removed on node-tooltips
closed with the note: This feature is available since yEd 3.9.
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I second this request, I have a need for this longer delay too. Perhaps it can be a user defined setting in the General Tab of Preferences dialog box, which seems to give the option to display tool-tips in the first place.

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This feature is available since yEd 3.9.

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