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Graphic Artifacts

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Hey there,

I'm experiencing heavy graphic artifacts after working on graphs (size independent) with yEd. Usually this phenomena doesn't kick in when I start working with the graph. It takes about 5-10minutes to occur initially. 


 I already did some troubleshooting:

- installed newest graphic drivers

- updated to latest java version

- ran yEd in several compatibility modes on win10

- made sure yEd starts with my geforce gpu

Still no progress though

I'm happy to provide more information if I left out anything important and would really appreciate any tips how to solve this issue.

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2 Answers

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While we have received similar reports in the past, there is very little we can do about this problem unfortunately. The problem lies with Java, your graphics driver, or the combination of both.

You already tried the most sensible steps (updating Java and updating your graphics driver) for finding a remedy. Since those did not help, I can only offer a couple of low-chance suggestions:

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I would like to thank Thomas for helping with my own issue. Turning off Direct3D support, via the VM option provided, has fixed my graphical corruption issues. Also thank you for pointing me to this forum area from the yWorks Customer Center. I really appreciate the time and help you've been able to provide.
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One yEd user reports that this may be related to Windows language packs. I.e. there were no artifacts while the system language was set to English.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
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