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How can I switch the edge direction

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I got a big hierarchy-graph, some of the edges are in the wrong direction which causes the hierarchy-algorithm to make a bad layout.

Is there a simple solution so switch the edge-direction?

My workaround is to delete the wrong edge and recreate it in right direction. This takes much time...

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2 Answers

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Use the Menu

tools->Reverse Selected Edges
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Thank you for this hint.
The function seems to work very well.

But since I use this function to reverse edges, some edges will disappear if I collapse+discollapse groups.

This seems to be a bug. Then saving the file will cause a graph, in which only the edges are repositioned, but nothing else thanged (even not the edge direction).

So I can't use the function ye(t/d). ;-)

Shall I provide more detailed information to reproduce this behaviour?

Thank you.

More detailed information to reproduce this behavior would be great indeed.

I know found a workaround and the exact problem:
1. Create two nodes.
2. Create a group for each node, including one node each.
3. Create an edge between the two nodes.
4. Then collapse (minimize) the two groups.
5. Use the hierachical autolayout function.
6. Now select the edge and use Tools->Reverse Selected Edges.
7. Use the hierachical autolayout function. The two groups will turn.
8. Now expand (maximize) the two groups. The edge takes a weird way.
9. Use the hierachical autolayout function. The two groups will turn back to the old state.

On greater files this behavior causes edges to disappear.

Workaround: Only reverse edges if all groups are expanded.

Thank you!
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