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When I click on the canvas yEd inserts a rectangular node. How can I prevent this?

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This happens each time I click on the canvas when I'm in "Edit Mode".
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You can suppress this node creation gesture using the settings.
When in Edit Mode, yEd will create a new node at the spot you click on the canvas. This can be irritating if you are used to creating specific node types with a drag and drop gesture from the palette. To disable node creation upon mouse click, open the preferences dialog from the menu [File]->[Preferences...]. On tab [Editor] uncheck the setting [Create Node on Background Click].
That's it.
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I like creating nodes by clicking on the background I just don't want to create the node when I'm clicking on the background to bring focus to yed.

Is this possible?
There a no settings available at the moment to achieve this, I'm afraid.
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