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Line break when entering text, so you can see the text you are writing.

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Hello, by entering text in the input field there is no line break. So the text will get out of the window. It is a blind entering and editing of the text.

During the entering and editing in the input field the text should be shown everytime in the windows, the text should get line breaks.

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If yEd's inline text editor does not break a line, then there is no line break character (i.e. a "manual line break") in the text. This is the intended behavior. (How to add manual line breaks depends on "File" -> "Preferences", tab "Editor", setting "Label Editor".)

That said, the inline text editor is probably not the best choice for long texts.
I recommend using either the Text input field in yEd's properties dialog or the multi-line text editor that is opened by clicking on the "..." button in the Text field in the properties view in yEd's lower right corner.
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There is no current method of displaying "dynamic line breaking" as you type in a live node. However, there is a way to type it and see it as you edit it (Window Mode below). There are also some useful techniques to control the text as described below.

Window Text Line Breaks

This method allows you to see how your text will appear as you type it.

  1. Select the node you'd like the text to automatically line break within the shape.
  2. In Properties panel view:
    1. Select the "..." to the right of the  "Text" input area.
    2. This opens a window that will display text similar to what you type.
    3. Press "Enter" to line break here. Add text as desired. Press "OK" to see how the text will look.
    4. For this method to manifest in the shape properly, you'll likely want to use the Automatic - Text Fitting method below.

Automatic - Text Fitting

This method will fit the text within your shape.

  1. Select the node you'd like the text to automatically line break within the shape.
  2. In Properties panel view:
    1. In "Size" change from "Fit Content" to "Fit Node Size" (alternatively, you can select "Fit Node Height" or "Fit Node Width" if you'd like). The text will only change the overall position (need to do the next step to fit it inside).
    2. In "Configuration" change from "Standard" to "Cropping". The text will now fit inside the shape.

Manual Line Breaking

This method allows you, at any time, to break a line.

  1. With your cursor at the end of the line you wish to break, press "CTRL+Enter" (for Mac, it is likely "Command+Enter"). The text after your line break will appear on the next line.

TIP: Add Padding so there is space between the text and the shape edges:

  1. Within the shape's Properties panel, set "Insets" value (e.g. "20" will pad all around the shape so your text fits within it).
  2. Entering "20" will end up displaying "20 20 20 20" in Insets. This is because there are actually 4 values ("0 0 0 0" by default).
  3. The numbers represent padding in different directions: Top, Left, Bottom, Right (so "0 20 0 0" would yield 20 padding to the left).

If you want one or more of these features used a lot, you can either set (at least some of) them as defaults, copy/paste the shape and edit for new content, or you can use "Current Elements" described below.

Current Elements - re-use node and edge styles 

This method allows you to re-use mode and edge styles that you have already created, so you don't have to create them from scratch every time.

  1. Within the "Palettes" panel, scroll to "Current Elements."
  2. This displays nodes and edges you are currently using in the document.
  3. To re-use one as default, double-click it (either node or edge). This will be what you create by default from now on.

Hope this helps!


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