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Cardinality in UML diagramms (or ER)

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I really love your tool but if you try to model a database in UML in your tool, you would need cadinalitys in the diagramm...

Can you add a functionality to add these? Without to make extra Textboxes for each one...

You can see it here


The rest is great and I always recommed your tool!

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Cardinality is a label for an edge. Therefore adding a new label for each cardinality seem like a good approach to me.
Why do you think this feature should be realized *without* the use of labels (i.e. text boxes) and how would you expect that to work?
The problem with the use of labels is that each cardinality looks a little bit different. Different position and so on...
The other problem is when you move an edge, you would need to build groups so that textboxes did not lose the position relatively to the edge.

In my opinion, you could extend your features by connecting more than one textbox to an edge (or something similar).
When you now add text to an edge, you only have one possibility to describe it. Maybe you can add a function that can handle more than lable per edge. So you can adjust the position for every textbox separately and when you move the edge the textboxes would also adjust...

Hope you get my idea...
Best regards
It is already possible to add more than one label/text box to an edge. Right-click the edge to open its context menu and choose "Add Label".
I did not understand your first two problems, but maybe multiple labels per edge already solve these problems for you.
Nevermind, problem solved :D
I didn't know the "Add Label" function!
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