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Different color gradients for different parts of the graph

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Hi experts,

My social network data contain two large families: A and B. A and B are inner connected and also mutual connected. The organic style clearly shows the network structure. The color indicator tells the connection strength, which is quite useful.

However, is it possible to color A and B families with different color. Say, nodes belong to A are colored in blue, so there is a transition from light blue to dark blue according to the number of connections to A nodes. The same for B, but color those nodes in red.

Could you please suggest a way to realize my idea?

Many thanks

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There are two tools in yEd to color the nodes with a color gradient: the Properties Mapper and the Centrality Measures. The difference is that the colors are chosen by Properties Mapper according to a data value of the node (the so-called Custom Properties) and by the Centrality Measures according to some structural characteristics of the graph. One of this characteristics is the number of connected edges which would match your use case. Unfortunately, both tools work always on the complete graph, so it's not possible to have both a red gradient and a blue gradient in the same diagram.
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Thank you michael.

Also, is it possible to just display nodes which have connections more than a certain number?
No, that is not possible. I think, this question was asked before and there might be a feature request for this in this forum already, but I'm cannot find it at the moment.
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