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How can I create a bipartite graph with 1000+ nodes and many more edges?

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Your question is very open-ended. Strictly speaking one answer would be:
Enable option "Create Node on Background Click" on tab "Editor" in "File" -> "Preference", then click 1000+ times in yEd's editor area, and connect the appropriate nodes to create a bipartite graph.

But that is not what you intend to do, is it? So, please elaborate on your use case.
Okay I have a list of nodes that are String and another list of nodes that are numbers. I am trying to place the string nodes on one side of the Bipartite Graph while the Integer nodes on the other side of the Bipartite Graph. Is there an efficient way to sort and arrange the nodes and connect them (String with Integer)?

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Well, I can think of two approaches:

  1. Create an Excel spreadsheet and use yEd's Excel Import. If all your edges (the connections between nodes) point from String to Integer, running a left-to-right hierarchic layout will place the String nodes to the left and the Integer nodes to the right.
    Please see chapter Import of Excel Files in the yEd Manual for further information.
    E.g. with a spreadsheet structured like this

    and the following Excel settings

    as well as setting "Label Text" for "Nodes" set to policy "Node Label' and setting "Layout" set to "Hierarchic", you will get the this graph

    (with hierarchic layout setting "Orientation" set to "Left to Right" prior to Excel import).
  2. The other option would be creating a TGF file, import that, and run hierarchic layout.
    A TGF file corresponding to the above spreadsheet would look like this:
    1 1
    2 2
    3 3
    4 4
    5 Foo
    6 Bar
    7 Baz
    5 1
    5 2
    6 3
    7 4
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