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Can't use <math> tags to show math formulae

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So, as per this related post , I've tried to use the <math> tags to show a summation. This is what I'v done:


&sum;<sub>k=0</sub><sup>k=10</sup>  i<sub>k</sub>


It does not work. This is what I get:

As per this link, the <math> tag is a valid one.


Any other ideas on how to use pretty math formulae in labels, either node or edge labels? Latex would be a big plus ... :-) ... !


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1 Answer

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yEd leverages the HTML support of the Java framework which in turn is based on HTML 3.2 and does not support <math> tags, unfortunately.

I am afraid there is currently no good way to display complex mathematical formulae in yEd.

While supporting LaTeX would be great, the libraries I know of either use licenses that are pretty much incompatible with closed-source or do not work for on-the-fly rendering. Implementing LaTeX support from scratch is very much out-of-scope for yEd.

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