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Graph broken when switching between yed Live and yEd

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Opening a graphml or graphmlz file that was created in yed-live breaks the entire layout. Text is not placed right and all connections are gone.

How do i save files so that i can freely transfer between yEd and yEd-live?
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That really should not happen. Can you upload the problematic file here for us to inspect? Otherwise there is no way for us to determine what might be going wrong.

Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on uploading files here. Please do not create a new thread for uploading a sample file, but either edit your original post or add an answer to this thread.

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i think i have found the issue. My partner used the dark color scheme in yEd-live, which turns the arrows white. These are then not visible anymore in yEd, and there is no prompt to switch it back like in yEd-live (because there is no "dark" mode?).

However, text inside the boxes is also not centered anymore.

Here is an example file

Here is a yEd-Live file. The Positioning of labels in flowchart elements is changed (normal nodes are not affect, as you can see), and all the arrows are white (due to it being a "dark mode" file)

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Thank you very much for the sample diagram. Unfortunately, that is a diagram saved with the yEd desktop application. To investigate, I would need the file saved from yEd Live. I am sorry for the confusion, I should have been more clear in my original comment.
I've changed the answer to include a yEd-Live file like you requested.
Thank you very much for the second sample file.

I am afraid you have stumbled over an unsupported feature here. If a label uses "Size" policy "Fit Node Size", its text is always top-aligned in the desktop version of yEd.

If you do not need automatic word wrapping and/or cropping, the simplest solution would be switching to "Size" policy "Fit Content" and "Placement" policy "Internal: Center".
I see. Thanks for the info! Might be nice to note that somewhere (?)
What about the dark/light mode? That is probably also an unsupported feature?
Ah sorry, I missed that question mark in your first dark mode reference.

You are right, there is no dark mode in the desktop version of yEd.
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