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How can I create a Package node?

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I wants to use a Package Node (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Package_%28UML%29)

My only need is that it should be a group (like Group Nodes), and have that special background for the label, and the label to be positioned on its background.

I tried modifiing the Group Nodes, since functionally they are very similar, but I couldn't position the dossier's label background icon to where it belongs.  Then I tried to create a new Node type from image, but it does not behave like a package, and I cannot position the label into it's place.

Are there any existent Nodes I could use, or is there a way to create such a Node?

I tried this solution too: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/151/create-symbols

I created a larger rectangle and a smaller one. I make the smaller one as a label of the larger one. But if I put a text into the smaller one, it moved away from the largerone. See the result:

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Use a normal group node and change the label's "Size" property to "Fit Content", its "Border" to the desired color (e.g. black), its "Placement" to "SmartFree: Anywhere", and drag the label out of the node itself until it snaps to the node's upper left corner.

Sample graph.

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