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How to display a icon corresponding to a url linked to an icon (Gedcom)

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I have a gedcom as above :
0 @2I@ INDI
1 NAME Pierre ges/Mlé/
2 GIVN Pierie Georges
2 FORM jpg
2 FILE C:\Documents and Settings\JClade\Bureu\003-Mudia\Mulgetrait.jpg
2 DATE 30 JUL 1860

Each sub tag "FILE" is a link to a local picture, icon corresponding to each INDI..

I know how to put an icon in a label individual node.
I know how to put in a label an icon..
I know to put in all <label index X> the corresponding sub-tag <FILE> with <OBJE FILE>            <(?ms).*^\d\sFILE\s(.*?)$.*>

The corresponding link are visible in each label but the corresponding picture are not visible in each of the labels.

Q1- So, what to do to display the picture corresponding to the sub-tag running in each label.

Best regards
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1 Answer

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Properties mapper's "Label Icon" mapping with regular expression (?ms?.*^\d\sFILE\s(.*?)$.* works for me.

Are you sure that the referenced image (C:\Documents and Settings\JClade\Bureu\003-Mudia\Mulgetrait.jpg in your case) exists at that exact location?

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It is solved .. I forgot <OBJE> <Label Icon>
Many Thanks
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