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Build and use a template for FamilyTree Graph, is it possible ?

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I build a <YedGraph-A> from a <Gedcom-A>.

Now I want to this file as template for a <YedGraph-B> from a <Gedcom -B>. In other word i want to apply all the configuration (numbers of label, colors, ...) of the <YedGraph-A> on the <YedGraph-B> in order to have two similar YedGraph

Q1 - How to save a graph family Tree as template and apply this template on a new Gedcom ?

Thanks in advance for your help
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While you cannot save a whole graph as a template, you can prepare a given node or edge as template for further nodes/edges. To do this, create a user-defined palette section (see "Edit" -> "Manage Palette"), then right-click the node/edge in question to open its context menu, and choose "Add to Palette".

If you create a node/edge template in the above way, you can use this template for GEDCOM Import, Excel, Import, or yEd's properties mapper.
(For GEDCOM Import, double-click the new template in your user-defined palette section to make it the default template and set option "Style" to value "Default" in the GEDCOM Import settings.)
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I do something wrong but it doesn't run right why ?

First, I open my Gedcom-Family-tree-<1> or load my GedCom-<1>

Second, in one of the node (the node A for example) I apply my colors, my dimensions, I build my 9 labels and inside each label I apply a different colour, a different position, a different property mapper (my Regex). So I build my node type (= model)(= template). Note this node <A> has all their own data the data (DATE, Town, ,..)

Third, I right click on the node in order to select the whole node <A> and I <Add to Palette> in <my Palette>.

At this step the icon in <my Palette> show the node <A> with the colours, the label of my node template but also it seems with data of this node <A>

Fourth, I open another Gedcom-Family-tree-<2> or load my GedCom-<2>, all the node data of the 3 initialy labels are correct.

In this new Family tree-<2>, I select all the (node type A) with <Tools-Select Element> <.>.
In <my palette> with left two click I select my node template <A>, it turns blue. Then I right click <Apply>.

All the node looks as my template <A> but the with and Hight are not apply and the data in the labels are the data of the template Gedcom-Family-tree-<1> or the GedCom-<1> not their own data corresponding to the data of the Gedcom-Family-tree-<2> or the GedCom-<2>

Where I do wrong ? I don't understand something ?
Best regards
Using "Apply" from the palette context menu is not going to work in this case.

After creating an appropriate node template, double-click the template to make it the default template for new nodes.
With the new template set as default, import a GEDCOM file. When importing the GEDCOM file, set the "Style" option to "Default".
Finally, use yEd's properties mapper to update all your additonal label.

Alternatively, import GEDCOM files as usual and afterwards use yEd's properties mapper to update the style for each node as well as the text for all your labels.
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