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Build and use a template for FamilyTree Graph, is it possible ?

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I build a <YedGraph-A> from a <Gedcom-A>.

Now I want to this file as template for a <YedGraph-B> from a <Gedcom -B>. In other word i want to apply all the configuration (numbers of label, colors, ...) of the <YedGraph-A> on the <YedGraph-B> in order to have two similar YedGraph

Q1 - How to save a graph family Tree as template and apply this template on a new Gedcom ?

Thanks in advance for your help
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1 Answer

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While you cannot save a whole graph as a template, you can prepare a given node or edge as template for further nodes/edges. To do this, create a user-defined palette section (see "Edit" -> "Manage Palette"), then right-click the node/edge in question to open its context menu, and choose "Add to Palette".

If you create a node/edge template in the above way, you can use this template for GEDCOM Import, Excel, Import, or yEd's properties mapper.
(For GEDCOM Import, double-click the new template in your user-defined palette section to make it the default template and set option "Style" to value "Default" in the GEDCOM Import settings.)
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