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Windows <right click>= F6> <Properties> is partialy hiding

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Windows XP SP3 - YED - on a node for example <right click><Properties>
If you are on <one node> <right click>=<F6> to <Properties node> the window <Property> is too large, has the above hide above the tak bar and you have not access to the buton <OK> <Apply> <Cancel> You have to resize manualy the window <Property>
Maybe I am not clear .. my English is "rustic"
I can send a copy of the windows screen in this situation
Best regards
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1 Answer

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The Properties dialog grows large in height if there are a lot of custom properties. I think the best approach is simply not using said dialog, if there are a lot of (custom) properties. Instead, use the "Properties view" in yEd's lower right corner. The tabular presentation of the "Properties View" works well even for a large number of (custom) properties.
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