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how to maintain the grouping (open and close possibilities) exporting in html flash viewer?

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I export my graph (contening groups) in html flash viewer.

But when  launch the file, I can't close r open the groups.


Thank you
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The HTML Flash Viewer is - as the name implies - a viewer only. It is not possible to edit the displayed graph in any way - and that includes opening or closing folders and/or groups. (You cannot do so either when exporting to any of the other supported export formats such as JPEG, PDF, or SVG.)

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thank you for your answer so quickly

how can I create a interactive system as :


Is it necessary to write Java script?

how use the setences mentionned in :


sorry for my english


The first link references a sample application created with yFiles for Silverlight, which is a programming library for Microsoft Silverlight platform.

The second link describes how to program with yFiles for Java, which is a programming library for the Java programming language.

Aside from Java and Silverlight, the yFiles diagramming library is also available for Microsoft .NET (WPF or Windows Form), ActionScript/FLEX, and HTML5.

All of the above are commercial products for software developers interested in creating their own diagramming applications. Please contact yWorks GmbH for additional information.

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