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My Autosupport xml don't use <![CDATA[WertAlex]]> for values.

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Thx a lot, my autosupport xml's  don't use <![CDATA[WertAlex]]>. My XML input file is machine generated. 

The Values are in the structure .e.g.  <IPAddress></IPAddress>

Example with more context:




















So I'll use yEd to get an overview of the structure and im looking for to get a List/Table of the Values.

 Great Thanks to your fast support.


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You will need to create a custom XSL transformation that transforms your XML document into a GraphML document. The exact transformation depends on how you want your data to be presented in yEd. My suggestion would be to manually create the representation for one <connection> element in yEd and save the diagram. Use the corresponding GraphML file to create an XSL transformation that turns your XML document into said GraphML document. Creating such transformations is not an easy task. And yEd is not a good development tool for creating XSL transformations - i.e. I do not recommend using yEd to test your transformation. Use an XSLT processor for that and only once you are satisfied with the transformation result, use yEd to import your XML document with the finished XSLT file.

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