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Add ability to sort the siblings by age in the Family Tree Layout

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There should be a way to specify either the:

  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Child no. (e.g. 1st child, 2nd child etc.).
This is very similar to Question 9859, but it deserves a feature request.
Thanks in advance!
PS: As a developer, is there a way to help?
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Thank you for offering to help out, but (unfortunately) this is currently not possible.
How about sorting by the Description field? This would be flexible enough to cover most user cases. I'm referring to a new option in the "Sort Family Members" selector.

PS: I'm taking the reluctance is adding new fields, not the actual implementation, which should be trivial given the maturity of the product.
Unfortunately, it is quite the opposite. Adding new fields is trivial (yEd already supports custom properties). Adding support for user-defined sort criteria to the algorithm is the difficult part.

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