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Cannot read property 'tag' of undefined - Shared yEd Live

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I've shared via gist, but others could not open it. on loading it aborts and the error message is "Cannot read property 'tag' of undefined"
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Can you provide more details? What did you share? A GraphML file? If so, can you upload that GraphML file here? Was that GraphML file created in yEd Live or "manually"?
I've created in yEd Live. And just pressed the share button. How can i upload something? I don't see an option to upload

Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for information on uploading files here.

1 Answer

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Unfortunately, it is hard to tell what is going wrong here. To further debug this, please provide a GraphML file which results in this exception.

To do this, you have several options:
a) If the Graph does not contain any personal data, you can just share the gist link with us.
b) Remove any personal data from your graph and either share it with us as gist link or download the file in yEd Live by clicking "Menu" -> "Save" -> "Download". Then you can upload the GraphML to this forum as mentioned in Thomas' comment, or maybe send it directly via mail.
if i can share with you the link that would be fine for me, but not in the forum, do you have a mailadress?
You can send it to yed-live@yworks.com
Thanks, I've received your mail and will come back to by mail.
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